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Recovery Huts

We have talked about using Tiny Houses for homeless and emergency in the past.  I have often thought about using one of these solutions as a temporary shelter while building my full Tiny House, then using it as storage.  Check out some the other posts:  Exo House and The Red House. Today I found a new one that is kinda neat, so check it out!

As the world’s climate changes and natural disasters increase in frequency, versatile and quick-to-deploy emergency shelters can mean the difference between life and death for displaced populations. Seeking to provide for this need, Recovery Huts offers a line of instant shelters that can be set up in 30 minutes by a single person. Each shelter can be delivered in 4 stackable sections that weigh no more than 60 pounds each, and if the 85 sq. ft footprint of each hut is not enough for a household, extender sections enable an entire community of huts to be interconnected.