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Spinning Some Tiny Tunes

To build off of Andrea’s most excellent suggestions for entertaining in/around a tiny house, I’ve been thinking about my personal Tiny House Playlist. And since I’m still knee-deep in creating the time-lapse video of our floor build, I wanted to do something fun here in the meantime.

Here’s my anthem for building and living in a tiny house. Old Man Luedecke is an amazing blue grass banjo player and songwriter, and I highly recommend his music if you like that sort of thing, but all of us can identify with the message in this particular song, “I Quit My Job,” even if you happen to like your job right now.



Your Turn!

  • Spit it out, what are your Tiny House Songs?
  • Which artists/songs represent the freedom of tiny living, or the fun/trials of tiny building to you?

Ubiquitous Music


We all love music, the challenge is to have it where you want it when you want it.  I am never without my iPod, I listen to it every day, on it I am able to keep my entire music library with me to the tune of 10,000+ songs.  A side note here, I am not one of those people who listens to it while the shop to have conversations, that’s just over the top.  But what happens when you don’t have an iPod with you, or don’t own one?  There are many other options to have your music where ever you go.


Blackberry Tour (and other Blackberries)  are a great way to have access on the go, the crackberry is something that you can’t let yourself get taken over by, but it can be really useful when it comes to music.  The blackberry can sync with your iTunes (free) and the Tour has a normal head phone jack right there on the side.  I will plug it into my car’s head unit and instantly have my music.  Another option here is Slacker Radio, which is a great service on the BB that is has a free option and a paid option.

The next is option is Open Tape.  This is modeled after the former Muxtape, which is essentially a digital version of the almost archaic, but none the less nostalgic analogue Mix Tape.  Before my time folks would spend allot of time creating great tapes to give to friends and loved ones.  There was a bit of an art form and the effort put into it was much appreciated.  These days we can pound out a mix CD in about 20 minutes, or on our iPods, a playlist in about 5 minutes.  They idea of the mix tape has been left in the past, sometimes I wonder if the work put into them is better than the options of today.  Check out another form of the Mix Tape Reincarnate here

The great thing about Open Tape is that it is licensed under the General Public License, which means no one can claim it as their own, that they can’t profit from it, and that it belongs to everyone.  It takes about 2 minutes to setup on a server and works beautifully.  It is easy to use and has a clean interface.

Once you have it up and running, you can access your music anywhere you have a internet connection, I use it at work, its simple and requires no software to be installed.

Check out Open Tapes at