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Sliding Hubs Tiny House

This is house uses these sliding hubs that make the structure, but then you can cap the ends, opening and transitions with standard paces to allow for a truly modular house.  The Hubs themselves are made of a polycarbonate shell that is attached to a track like system from which the internals are mounted on and can be connect to the adjoining units.  The internal shell includes insulation, flooring and seals against water infiltration.  These can be laid out in various formations to suit your needs.




eP Studio

Here is the eP Studio, a 425 square foot prefab house with an interesting twist.  As you can see in the photos the house is atop a garage, which was raised by the use of a few forklifts, columns were build beneath and then the garage was constructed.  Some neat attributes of the house is a green roof, cork floors and No-VOC paint (I have never seen no VOC paint before, just low VOC paint) .


Element Tiny House

Here is an interesting Modular and Prefabricated Tiny House.  The houses can be scaled to the needs of the client.  The tall chimney structures are in fact light wells to draw in natural light into the space, while giving a nod to traditional house design where fireplaces once served a valuable purpose.  Here is what they had to say about the house:

The Element House, by MOS Architects, is a modular housing prototype designed for a “new ecology” — one that can grow and change depending on the family’s needs. Based around a modular element, with strong environmental design criteria, the Element House expands according to the Fibonacci sequence, “a describer of developmental patterns in living organism.” his housing unit can the be combined in an infinite number of ways, but for the home to make sense, MOS uses the Fibonacci sequence to create the layout. In theory this results in a more natural, more organic home, which is hopefully more pleasing to the those living inside. MOS also proposes that this prefab housing concept could be expanded past single family homes, to multi-family homes or even a whole village. Elemental units can be added or subtracted as needed to accommodate for new families or changing needs.