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Luke’s Barely Habitable

This is one of the smallest apartments I have seen to date, at 78 square feet its pretty extreme!  This being in New York its obvious Luke eats out most meals, but still finds room for a small fridge.  He actually built all the furnishing himself, including the bed which is pretty neat.

Deceptively Small Apartment

I saw this apartment a while back, but after viewing the photos and not finding a square footage, I thought it was a larger apartment.  I then got an email from a reader (thanks Dallas!) to an article which stated it was 366 square feet.  We all know the power of light color pallets, natural light and combined that with a skillful photographer who makes it look big, this is a pretty neat tiny apartment.

The apartment is in Barcelona Spain, noted the drawers built into the stairs, also the floating stairs made of metal allows for more storage space.  The contrasting wood paneling is just inexpensive plywood done really well, it is a pretty interesting choice, but I really like it!



I found this great gem today, it is only 320 square feet, but loaded with a strong aesthetic appeal.  The architects wanted think about want is truly necessary in a home in response to our ever growing housing.  They identified a few key things that every person needs: place to sleep, eat, bathe and commune with fellowship.  I think they have done an excellent job in reducing the form to its most basic elements.

The house features geothermal heating and these large doors that roll over the glass to trap in heat or cool air depending on the season.  What I am really glad to see is the inverse roof;  often on designs similar to this, they use a flat roof to go along with the modern aesthetic, but the roof is more practical, allows for thermal cooling and helps facilitate water catchment.



This interesting hut, designed to be setup without any foundation, it is very low impact in that sense.  I think what I might like more than the house, is the land, how gorgeous is that view!  It features a small bathroom and a small kitchen, but hide them from view allowing a blank space to be organized in many ways to suite your needs.  The house itself uses solar panels and water catchment to be off the grid.


LaBanc House – 566 sq/ft

So this is a rather interesting story, the owner sleeps on a yoga mat, the site, a former meth lab.  I don’t have a clue why you would sleep on concrete with only a yoga mat, but that’s what the owner wanted when he described what he was looking for:

Imagine for a moment you’re an architect. You’ve got a client – a really nice guy – who tells you he sleeps on a yoga mat on the floor. And he wants a home that is so stripped of ornament that, to some eyes, it will seem stark and cold. Also, he’s a very private person who wants a place of quiet solitude, but located in a dense urban neighborhood.

Interesting proposition for an architect, but I really like the results!


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