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Egg House

This is a pretty neat house, built by Daihai Fei, age 24, he did it for only $960 US dollars.  He had moved to Beijing to pursue his college degree, but after graduating he found to get work, he must stay in the city, but he couldn’t afford rent.  The house is mobile and covered with bags of dirt and grass seeds.  Daihai Fei hopes that the seed will take and grow to fully encase his egg in grass, making it more weather resistant.

His egg house is now located across the street from his work, so commute is a 30 second walk.  I was surprised that you could pull this off in Beijing, I would think in a modern city they wouldn’t allow it.  But Daihai Fei has become something of a local legend, so perhaps winning the hearts of people has allowed him to do this.  After living in his egg house for two months Daihai Fei feel that his life has improved dramatically since living in his egg house.


Bus Home

So this is a follow up to the oil tanker truck house.  This one seems much more reasonable, but it is done in the same style where the artist draws a very depressing color scheme.  Anyway, this is done by a Greek professor by the name of  Aristide Antonas who is big into reuse of current objects and he came up with this house bus.  He feels that designers often over think things and bring things to an extreme just for the sake of being extreme.

This two-story used bus is imagined as a potential hotel or a portable commuting community space for professionals on-the-go. It features seven beds, a living room area and a restroom and would fit int typical mobile home parks, though finding dealers with parts for sale might be a bit trickier.  It is an intentionally non-radical work of construction, requiring no contractor or elaborate plans to be built – just a group of people who wish to turn an ordinary vehicle into a multi-person housing unit on wheels. The value is in the labor, not the design – and forget about estates or land prices.


Homeless Chateau

There has been discussion swirling around using Tiny Houses for meeting the needs of homeless populations. I found this great Tiny House that can also address these needs.

Homeless Chateau is fabricated from standard 4 x 8 and 4 x 4-foot sheets of plywood, OSB and construction signs, and can be knocked down, transported flat, and erected quickly and easily with just a screwdriver. Once assembled, the structure can be moved around the host space on its casters and then set in place with a temporary foundation–two bricks under the front. Homeless Chateau can be easily reconfigured and combined to make dual-occupancy and eight-foot-tall structures.


Tiny Container Houses

lots of containers
Container homes aren’t anything new by a long shot, but I hadn’t looked at them in a while because they are so widely covered. After coming across one as of late I decided to take another look.  What I found?  Some really interesting stuff has been done, there is of course a lot of really big homes, this method allows you to make really large spaces cheaply.  But single units that can be transported are of interest to me; with economies swaying this was and that way, jobs about as stable as a mental patient and loyalty having a dollar price I need flexibility to move with my house.
contain house
I don’t want to have to worry about if my house will sell or if I can find a new house in time.  Instead, I simply buy a plot of unimproved land, pay a hundred or so dollars a year in taxes on it and just keep it.  If I own 20 of these I instantly have a 20 vacation spots ( for $2000 in taxes a year, less than what normal folks pay on their homes annually) and potentially one of them might end up being desirable and I can sell it at a premium.
I was really impressed with how nice some of these look in the below videos, so check them out.  I also found this great website all about this stuff, he runs a blog too, but doesn’t update it very often unfortunately.