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Everyday Habits for Sustained Simplicity

Living a simple lifestyle is something that takes work daily. The benefits of this lifestyle are endless, and there are a few everyday habits that can help make this way of living even easier. These are five everyday habits for sustained simplicity.

Make It Easy to Put Things Away

I used to have a dresser filled to the brim with clothes. I would often opt to throw my clothes on the ground after a long day instead of putting them in the overflowing laundry basket or back in my dresser. Once I decluttered my wardrobe, it was so much easier to fold my clothes and put them away or chuck them into the laundry basket – which wasn’t overflowing anymore.

Sustainable Minimalism


Declutter Before Organizing

I used to be a big fan of organizing. I would watch YouTube videos of people’s perfectly organized homes, with different compartments for every item you could imagine. Once I found minimalism, I decided to declutter instead of organize. Decluttering first meant that I would have less to organize, and I wasn’t organizing things that I wasn’t even using (or didn’t need in the first place).

One In, One Out Rule

Every time I buy something new, I get rid of something. This helps a lot, especially because I used to buy multiples of something that I only needed one of. I used to stock up at Bath and Body Works during their sales and I’d buy more cheap jewelry than I’d ever need. Now, I have a rule that I can’t buy a new lotion/soap/piece of jewelry unless I get rid of one that I already have. This means that I don’t buy anything perishable until I run out of the one I have, and I hardly ever buy jewelry or clothes. This rule works only after you’ve decluttered, of course.

Sustainable Minimalism Tips

Don’t Be Afraid to Repeat

I am known for wearing the same sort of clothes all the time. Creating a uniform is one of the easiest ways to streamline your life. Planning and repeating the same meals helps me save a ton of money on groceries but still ensure I’m eating what I love. These are only two practices that I’ve adopted that have helped me save tons of time and money – and has made my life so much simpler and easier.

Simplify Your Finances

Have a simple budgeting system that ensures everything gets paid on time (including yourself). I used automatic payments and have my banking and credit card system set up so that I have a very small amount of input. I am very conscious of my spending and only spend on things that will have a positive and fulfilling impact on my life or my day. This way I am spending less than I make, saving some, and not worrying about creating debt.

These are just five tips for making your everyday life easier. These everyday habits for sustained simplicity have changed my daily life for the better.

Your Turn!

  • What habits do you have to make everyday life easier?