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Japan’s Coffin Houses

I have been holding on to this one for a while, but check out these houses that are being dubbed “coffin houses” because of their small size.   At just over 8 feet long  and 4-5 five feet tall these “micro apartments” rent for as much as the equivalent of $600 US dollars a month!  None of them have windows in them and they all share a bathroom.

With rising population level and increased urban density we are beginning to see more and more of these type of housing solutions in places like Japan.  While personally I don’t think I could pull this off, they do provide some interesting ideas for organizing small spaces.

To combat a lack of affordable housing in the capital city of Tokyo, landlords have developed what are known as ‘geki-sema’ or share houses: tiny cabinets barely bigger than coffins that can only be used for sleep and the storage of a handful of possessions.







Your Turn!

  • Could you live in such a small space if it meant cheap rent and a great location?
  • How small is too small?