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Hausmann Style Tiny House

At times I still wonder if 130 square feet is too small, but here is another example of a house this size that packs a lot of punch by utilizing the vertical.  Today’s post was pointed out to me by a reader, thanks Sergio! I have been seeing a lot of houses and apartments that are utilizing this drawer/sliding style of beds which I really like.  The elevated level brings depth to the house, but I wonder how it impacts the resident’s perception of size.  Does breaking the small space into two levels make it feel smaller or bigger?












Nindo Micro House

I posted a photo of the outside of this house a long time ago, but wasn’t able to come up with any more photos.  I have a fascination with modern houses that I am torn over, but this is a very normal house when it comes to the modernity spectrum.  The house is 146 square feet.  The house was built in Finland in less than three weeks costing $10,500.





Hus.ett – Swedish Small House

This house is deceptively larger that you would think from the photos, but it still is a small house that two adults live in.  The designer and owner wanted to build a house to human scale, something that intuitively harmonized with a person.  If you were to take an adult have them stretch out their arms, then outline the form in large arks, you’d get something close to this shape.


Habitat Micro Home

This is certainly an interesting concept, but to be honest, I am not quite sold on it.  The designer has fashioned the house on stilts so that the car itself become an additional room.  Certainly an interesting idea, since for many of us, a car isn’t used all that much.  The house itself is 100 square feet.


Ultra Compact Japanese House

Maria sent me this link to this Ultra Compact House in Japan, price tag?  $500,000 USD.

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