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Tiny House Infographic

So it has been a long haul on this project, but it all started with a simple question: “How do tiny house people compare to the average American?” It happened quite innocently over burgers and fries at a local dinner. The question sparked an idea to have a tiny house survey. 120,000 data points later we crunched the numbers, and led a campaign to raise the money to make this graphic. The graphic took several hundred hours to create and we hope you enjoy.

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Tiny House infographic

Tiny House Inforgraphic – Survey Follow Up

730496_668633062418_1717661458_nAbout a week and a half ago I did a post along with many other of the tiny house bloggers where we conducted a survey of tiny house people.  It asked things like income, savings, etc. so we could get a better idea of what a tiny house person is like and how they compare to the typical American.

We had a TON of responses and with such a great response it prompted me to want to do something extra special for you all.  So I have put together a kick starter campaign to raise the money to fund the creation of a tiny house infographic.

Infographics are a visual way to share data about an interesting topic.  Instead of boring graphs and spreadsheets, we are working with a graphic designer to tell the story with color and vivid graphics.  You can see an example of this in my first post of the series that talked about what the average American looks like.  You can see how the bottom really long graphic tells the store with data, but is really interesting.

So please check out the kick starter, we hope you will support us in tell the story of tiny house people.


True Cost Of A Home

I found this infographic on the true cost of owning a traditional home and thought I would share it with you.

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Subsidize This

Interesting infographic on how much the US government subsidizes various energy sources.  I was disappoint not to see nuclear or coal on this, it gets a bit confusing when estimating these because it seems to come in large chunks when new legislation comes in.

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Infographic of US Government Budget 2010

Here is a graphical representation on how US tax dollars will be spent in 2010.  Notably is that money to green energy has been increased 92% while nuclear has decreased by 10%.  The largest portion of the budget (62% or 901 Billion), not surprisingly, is going to Defense, this is pretty standard for US spending trends.  National Parks revived a boost of 5%.  Interestingly The Department of State, has also a brand new line item called “Clean Technology Fund” at a half a billion.

Take some time and check it out.  What would you change?  What are your reactions?

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