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Driverless Cars

Recently there have been some major advances it driver assisted car technology, we are getting to the point where driverless cars are starting to become a viable option.  The state of Nevada has just passed a law allowing driverless cars that meet certain criteria.

Many ask why this is important or is it even worth pursuing?  Right now 40,000 deaths $40 billion in repair costs result from car crashes and untold billions in medical and legal costs.  From an environmental standpoint the use of such cars will almost eliminate all traffic jams on driverless only roads.  Right now America spends 4 billion hours a year in traffic, translating into 2.4 billion gallons of gasoline wasted idling in traffic per year.  I for one am excited about this future, check out these awesome videos on driverless cars.


NSFW NOTE!:  there are some swear words in this video, so best not watch at work


Fracking Gaining Public Awareness

It has been interesting to watch the growing awareness of the dangers of fracking, but is it large enough to sway Federal law yet?  I have seen a large uptick in articles on fracking and the discussion has certainly been coming up a whole lot more.  I have to keep reminding myself that I am pretty well in the loop on most environmental issues, at least at a cursory level.  So sometime we forget that what is common knowledge to us, doesn’t represent the general population.  I use what I call “the mother test”.  When I think about public awareness I think about would my own mother talk about the issue with her friends.  If the answer is yes, it has likely hit the main stream consciousness.  Here is a great music video animation about fracking


Backyard farmers by necessity: self-sufficient & debt-free

Today I found this video and it struck a cord with me an many different level.  First and foremost was the practicality of this couple’s approach.  What started out as a necessity meant they were able to live comfortably, without debt and prosper greatly.  From time to time I speak about fiscal security (which is in our mission for “Tiny Living”) and I also believe gardening allows you to have a stable, healthy food source that is sustainable.  So check out this video!

Quench Shower

One of our readers emailed me this one – thanks Jon! – about this neat water saving shower.  I have often lamented over the fact that I love to take long showers.  I do my best thinking, it lets me take a break and center myself.  The downside of this is that taking time for introspection, means wasting water, near perfect water.  This idea will help reduce the guilt of long showers and cut down on water needs.

In many tiny houses, they use a water tank, which is often filled with water schlepped in by hand if you live off the grid.  So check out this video that takes the water and makes it last a bit longer.  The other good thing to note is that you can actually purchase this, it isn’t a concept.


EPA: “Where You Live Matters More Than How You Live”

There have been many who have claimed that we are going to have to live in closer proximity.  A new study talks about this, to sum it up, Where You Live Matters More Than How You Live.  An interesting study released from the EPA now shows how what type of housing, the density of housing and the proximity to transit you live is a greater impact than if you work to live green.

Now the combination of living green and in dense housing, located near transit will have a huge cumulative effect, it can be as much as 30% more efficient.

Read more at the EPA