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Future Materials For Building Your Home

With so much innovation happening in the technology industry, green tech etcetera, it is no wonder that we are seeing more and more new innovative products to build homes with.


What about Metal Foam?  Sounds crazy right?  Well its not, it has “a much higher strength-to-density ratio than any metal foam that has ever been reported.  What can this be used for?  Well currently applications are going to be used for earthquake damage protection, but designers are all ready scheme up new ways to use the material.

How about having your next house printed!?!?  In 24 hours!  Behrokh Khoshnevis’ device was originally designed to be a rapid prototyping machine, essentially a 3-D printer, but he has realized its true calling is in building construction.   This technology isn’t anything new, but the use of this cement like substance and its ability to scale to a house size is.  I have seen 3-D printers at work and while impressive(I saw one that could print in titanium), they are slow.  This method here is much faster and can support more applications for residential or disaster relief.


Obsorbo, its glass meets sponge.  But a very selective one, this glass will swell to 8 times its size while capturing volatile compounds a.k.a. chemicals and pollutants.  Once the glass is full, you can actually harvest the harmful parts and reuse it over and over again.  Originally designed for water contamination clean up, it has an interest implication in green homes or greenhouses where you grow your organic foods.



Concrete is used for many reasons, its cost, its strength, it ability to repel fire or water etc. etc.  But  what would happen if you were able to use it in new ways, such as accent walls or in lighting?  This material is technically concrete, but is mixed with optical fibers to allow light to pass through, while retaining strength.

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