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Tata To Sell 215 Square Feet Flat Pack House for $750

Tata, an Indian company who sell the worlds cheapest car and water filter has recently announced that they are field testing their nano house which will launch to consumers in 6 months.  The house is 215 square feet, comes with everything you need, can be built in under a week and is made from sustainable materials such as coconut coir fibers.  The house is designed to last 6 years, so it isn’t super permanent, but it is very intriguing.

Imagine if you could build a house, buy a car and purify all your own water for $3300!  In a country where there are so many in need of fast temporary housing, that faces unclean drinking water and transportation represents the ability to get a job it is an amazing feat!.  No photos or videos have been release, but I will keep an eye out!




Flatpack Table

There is some fascination I have with tables that break down into small spaces, here is yet another one.  This one uses ratchet tensioners that you typically use to secure cargo, but I kinda like the look!  This would be an interesting addition to a tumbleweed house.  You could break this down and store it under your mattress, you wouldn’t see it, but when you want to have a group of folks over for a party outside in the garden or wherever, you suddenly have a big table.