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Be Green & Organized

swtich card

When I lived in Australia I was able to see some really interesting steps they take to be green, it isn’t just a fad, it is pervasive, if not legally required.  One such thing that they do is in hotels the light switches are activated by inserting your room key.  This way you don’t lose the key and when you head out, you just grab the card and the lights go out.

This product is pretty interesting, meant for residential, this switch works on the same premise, just geared for normal daily use.  You simply hang your key on the hooks on the base of the, this connects the circuit and allows you to flip the switch.  On your way out of the door, grab your keys, it kills the power automatically and never forget to turn of the light again!  These sell for $32 online at the link below.

ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 06 22.16Source: Here