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Cracking The Code – Updated!

Cracking The Code - A guide to building codes and zoning for Tiny Houses_Page_001Many of you have checked out our ebook Cracking The Code – A guide to building codes and zoning for tiny houses; well today I have some good news!  We have updated the ebook and added 14 more pages of core content to the ebook with our Toolkit!

Here’s the kicker!  If you bought the old version, I just sent you the updated version for FREE!  So those of you who supported The Tiny Life, thanks so much, we hope you’ll enjoy the free update.

The Toolkit comes out of some great feedback we got from the first version, where I presented what I came up with as the single best approach to tiny houses and building codes.  What we have learned since then is that people were able to take what we taught them and then started coming up with some creative ways to make tiny houses legal in their own towns.  So I took those approaches and created this Toolkit which teaches you 10 additional ways to make a tiny house legal!


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If you have bought the ebook already and are having any issues with it, use the “Contact” tab and let us know, we’ll help you out!

What Would You Like To See In An E-Book?

Right now I am outlining my e-book that I will be working on over the next few weeks and I wanted to get others input on what content they would like to see in it.  The topic will be a comprehensive overview of the legal issues surrounding Tiny Houses, including building codes.  Of course each municipal is different, but I will present the most prevalent approaches and some creative techniques to tackle building codes in any situation.  So I am interested to hear what specifics people are interested in.

What would you like to see?       Are there other e-book topics you’d like to see?


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