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Drop In Haus

So as I said about a week ago it has been more and more difficult to find tiny houses, I have tapped out many of my good sources, but I have found some refuge as of late in German architectural firms.  The draw back of course is that my ability to read German is horrid and I can’t really speak it either.  Found this house which was a really interesting idea in a way to repurpose an existing structure, I have as of late seen a major trend with Germans doing this, perhaps it is the next step for us to?

They are going beyond just minor renovations, but huge overhauls, living in industrial buildings, warehouses and other non traditional structures.  While we have see the re purposing of old mills into swanky loft aparments here in the USA, I have noticed the Germans seem to be taking this to an extreme, one which I think will become quite popular  here in the united states as more and more of our industrial production complexes shut down and are sent over seas.

While the manufacturing in America is a staple of our economy, we are becoming an increasingly service and knowledge based economy, it causes one to pause about the future of manufacturing in America.  The result is that we will have massive building that are left and the best thing to do is capitalize on such great spaces and potential, weather we use it for residential or novel commercial applications.

I have spoken of this before such as in my post, Rethinking Big Box

Today I found a small scale example – this is the TINY life after all – of this German trend, which I feel we will start to see here soon.


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