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Build It Tiny Workshop – Portland

My good friend over at Portland Alternative Dwellings will be teaching a Tiny House workshop that will  focus on practical solutions for some of the more challenging little house conundrums:

  • Where to place/park your tiny house
  • Code enforcement
  • Insurance
  • Electrical hook-ups
  • Waste water
  • Drum roll please… toilets!

The workshop will provide detailed information from local experts, and a great opportunity to meet others in the tiny house community. It will be an awesome opportunity to further flesh out the details for your little house, and to sort through some of the hard-knuckle decisions associated with a tiny house.  Find out more at her website here

For those of you who don’t know Dee yet, she was one of Jay’s first customers and has started building Tiny Houses for people a while ago.  She is also the great author of Go House Go, one of my favorite Tiny House Plan Books, click the image to find out more!

Dee Williams on Tiny Houses

Here is a great video I just found of Dee Williams and her thoughts on Tiny Houses and what it means for her in her life.  I couldn’t help but be struck by the question she posed:  in your final breath of life, what is the one thing from this life you wish to hold.  It struck me in a profound moment of clarify and it made me think not WHAT I would want to hold, but WHO.  I think I have said this often, but it is relationships that matter, not things.

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New Vardo Plans!

Dee Williams of Portland Alternative Dwellings has announced that they have a new house for sale, the 12 foot Vardo.  For those of you who haven’t seen Dee’s houses, they are really great lines, aesthetic and plans at a reasonable price!  The new house features a kitchenette, outdoor shower, and pull out bed.  I am excited to see some photos of this once it is built, but for those who are interested in purchasing the plans for only $30, it’s a great value.

Click here to view more details

Interview With Dee Williams

Thanks to a heads up from Logan over at Rowdy Kittens I was tipped off to this great video featuring Dee Williams.  Dee’s house is one of Jay’s first little house she built from reclaimed materials, she speaks about why she moved into the tiny house.  It is an interview from Peak Moments, which is a great video series, she asks some great questions and does a great job with the video.  One particular topic they touch on is the cultural expectations and consumerism.


Go House Go! – Book Review

Today I wanted to share with you a great book that comes to us from Portland Alternative Dwellings (link below) written by Dee Williams.  Many of you will know her from her house being profiled in many videos, some of which I have posted on this site.  Not too long ago Dee launched Portland Alternative Dwellings with her house the Don Vardo, which is one of my favorite Tiny Houses to date.

Click Image For Link

The book, described by Dee as a “Tiny How To Manual” discusses some of the key structural elements in Tiny Houses in great detail.  I am very glad to see such a manual enter the Tiny House market as it fills a much needed gap when it comes to Tiny Houses on trailers.  These houses must be able to withstand huge forces as they roll down the road, Dee has been able to systematically address these issues in her book.

The manual starts of by describing types of forces that are exerted on a trailered house then shifts into how to address them.  She covers, in detail, the foundation, anchoring, wall design, roof design and water infiltration prevention.   Not only are they key elements to the design of a Tiny House, but it is often areas where an inexperienced person needs the most guidance.

There are a few things that this book (and the Tiny House market in general) left me wanting: a discussion on plumbing, electrical and gas.  I think what I really mean to say is that this book is great, but I would love to see Dee take a crack at each of these topics in their own stand alone book (hint hint, nudge nudge).  Dee does starts off by saying this books wasn’t designed to cover those topics, so I see this more as a opportunity than a negative.

There are a few things that I wanted to highlight in this book that make it really stand out.  First of the level of detail that Dee has put in here is great, not only does she show some great diagrams, but she backs up her design with solid data sources.  This book is a nice mix of easy to read language, but loaded with serious content that incorporates elements to adhere to Department of Transportation, the International Building Code and others.

Next is Dee’s foundation/floor framing design, after looking at other trailered Tiny Houses, it was clear this one is superior in many ways.  From handling stresses during transportation to the fact it is superior while have a lower sub-floor height than others.  I really like this approach and feel that it is more robust than others out there.

Finally this is the manual that I feel complements many Tiny House plans.  When you purchase plans from various Tiny House vendors you get highly engineered plans that are good quality, but assume you know a lot about house construction or expect you to pay for a contractor to build it.  This doesn’t mesh with the demographic that builds Tiny Houses.  They are typically hard workers, looking to save on labor costs, but don’t have the construction skill set.  This manual helps mitigate that gap in knowledge.

Overall I would definitely recommend this book to those who are purchasing any Tiny House plans.  It will give you the knowledge and confidence in producing a truly high quality house.