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A Case Against Tiny Houses

I firmly believe that for this movement to grow, it is important to consider the viewpoints of detractors of Tiny Houses.  An open dialogue conducted in a civil manner serves many functions including building consensus and reminding ourselves of the possible downsides of Tiny Houses.  A recent article criticizing tiny houses seemed to take it a bit far when they likened people who want to live in Tiny Houses to Ted Kaczynski.

Like I said, I find that to be pretty outrageous, but more to the point, Tiny Houses are still a very small movement and its good to keep that in mind, even when we enthusiastically plan our future Tiny Houses or talk our friends ear off about this and that for our Tiny House.  In some ways Tiny Houses aren’t a new thing, but people seem to get caught up in a notion that we want everyone to live in 100 square feet, which isn’t true.  About once a month I get an email from someone who is very upset because they feel that I want their entire family of 4 to live in a tumbleweed house, but I posted about how that isn’t the case here.

So while I find the particular article to be not constructive or open to a dialogue.  I thought I would post some of the follow up comments from it as a way to get a glimpse into the viewpoints of those who think Tiny Houses are a terrible idea.