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City Cottage, Finland Style!

This was sent in from a reader, thanks Luke!, it is a small cottage designed for a family of four.  So it is a bit larger than normally covered by this blog, but considering the number of occupants, it is still Tiny. Here is how they describe it:

This compact home design measures just 14m2, but it comfortably accommodates a family of four with everything you want and need to enjoy the simpler things in life. Just two kilometers from their family house and the daily grind, this mini cabin is surrounded by nature, enjoyed through massive windows on every wall. And because the footprint is small, that means minimal environmental impact in terms of construction and energy use. In fact, this passive solar home can operate on sun alone! And because it’s just a stone’s throw from their everyday house, this sweet retreat also eliminates that hours-long, gas-guzzling commute to “cottage country.”


Cottage In A Day

Here is a small house that can be put up in a whole day!  Obviously they construct the majority of the house prior to the build indoors.  But still it is kinda neat.  The prefab house uses SIPs or Structural Insulated Panels to make up most of the house.  As for the look of the house, frankly they lost me at the top portion.  It isn’t very appealing and doesn’t really flow.  Regardless, the house does have a strong use of eco-friendly materials and is super efficient.


outside prefab house big

prefab cottage kitchen

prefab house inteirior

prefab house heat loss


Tiny Cottage


So I found this little cottage over at a architectural photographer blog, the traced it to the builders website, which revealed a really interesting philosophy of building high end tiny cottages.   The builder had a moment of clarity one day when it came to building vacation homes.  While his who life he had been a traditional McMansion builder, he suddenly realized bigger is not better.


This is from their website:

“Clients often think that a larger room is more functional and easier to live in,” Lloyd says of his traditional building background. “But, in actuality, a well-designed, intimate space is always more comfortable.”

At a time when simpler sounds better to a lot of us, what makes this young company unusual is its streamlined approach to building custom cottages. The barn-like Bunkhouse was first, and the dormered Ocean Retreat cottage came next. These two red-roofed structures now stand near the water’s edge in Freeport.

They focus on building the majority of the house inside a warehouse, then ship the panels to where they will be assemebled.  He deals with 100% locally sourced lumber in a manner that reduces the amount of waste.


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ScreenHunter_02 Oct. 10 10.39

check them out at Creative Cottages LLC