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Sneaky Cabin

I found this awesome little house today which has an interesting feature… The decks fold up so that it looks like an old shed, but then come down to form a porch and reveal a tiny home.  The wood in the house is gorgeous with chunky beams and the post and beam style is amazing.

The Foresters Cabin was originally erected at the 1996. This cabin 24′ x 12′ has drop sides so it looks like a shed when closed up. The structure is a pegged green oak frame. It has a double bed alcove, small washroom/wc and kitchenette.

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Hinterlands Cabin

I found this little cabin in the Hinterlands, it is only 200 square feet and was designed to be mainly an office, but it does have a loft bed.  Unfortunately these are all the photos I could get my hands on.  

The designer wanted to share this about the cabin:

A children’s book designer needed a workspace that was separate from the main house. The challenge was to replace the existing shed, located at the top of a steep hill, with a small studio that used its exact footprint. The homeowner wanted the studio to be small but airy, bright but cozy, inspirational yet modest. But most importantly, modern yet in keeping with the rustic charm of the country. Within a one-month schedule, and a very modest budget, we did a complete demo of the existing shed, and provided design-build from the ground up with a new foundation, framing and finishes, new utilities, custom-built workspaces and interior millwork. We used salvaged windows, siding and doors, and repurposed timbres for interior shelving and storage. The studio, tucked into the trees, provides expansive views of the ocean through large windows that inject light into the space and provide inspiration.


The Tiny Life Featured in Hytte Magazine

I have some exciting news, The Tiny Life has been featured in a Hytte Magazine.  The magazine is a Norwegian publication that features cabins.  Published out of Oslo, it is the first for this blog!  What’s next….?  Time will tell 🙂

I don’t have a link for you all yet, but here is the cover.

Here is their homepage put through google translator:  click here

Tiny House: A Place Of Your Own

Many of you are familiar with the book An Omnivore’s Dilemma, written by Michael Pollan.  What you might not know is that he built a little cabin in the woods to write much of that book in.  His Tiny House is mainly for writing check it out!

Wanting to have a place of his own where he could think and write, Pollan decided to erect a small structure in the woods behind his house. Fancying himself a modern-day Thoreau, he wanted to build his “dream hut” with his own hands, even though he had no carpentry skills or experience. We learn very little about how to build a small structure; the majority of this book is devoted to Pollan’s pretentious musings about a variety of architectural theories and about his interaction with the architect and carpenter who helped him (wasn’t this supposed to be a simple structure?). Although it cost Pollan $125 per square foot and took him two and one-half years to build, ultimately it is the reader who works the hardest.




The Pod

Here is a camping pod that could easily take the form of a Tiny House. It reminds me a little bit of a Vardo. With simple lines and a interesting roof line, The Pod has several locations through out England, these are designed to be mini cabins. Many are not even tied into the grid, making for an inexpensive mountain getaway. There isn’t mention of cost, but I would venture a guess between $5000-$10,000 to have one built for you and delivered.


Well it’s a rather well built, insulated wooden hut that provides basic accommodation much in the way of a tent. They are of a modest size with good headroom, an interior floor area some eight feet wide by nine feet long and a forward projecting porch to provide some shelter if the doors are open. In most cases there will be a raised area of timber decking extending the ‘living area’ and providing somewhere to sun-bathe, prepare food or when the weather is bad, lose the wet gear before going inside.

3 outside

look inside

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