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Update! – Tiny Lake House

One of my favorite Tiny Houses of all time is the Tiny Lake House (see my post here).  The funny thing is that I am not a particularly big on lake houses or beach homes, I am firmly a mountain house type of guy.  Anyway, the update I have for you today is simply new renderings of this house that I have found, so I thought I’d share with you all!  Enjoy.


Noah’s House

So this is an interesting house, but I think the photos themselves are even more interesting, if not hilarious.  For some reason this guy wanted to post photos of his house in Sweden with his mask on.    But more to the point, this house is placed in a flooding zone, where high water levels occur with some frequency.  This Tiny vacation House is actually a house within an house, this is so that the existing structure can take the brunt of the storm and if it falls apart the house is still standing.  The internal house is also elevated, allowing for 180 (I assume the units are cm) or about 70 inches.  The building itself is made from woods that naturally can handle moisture well and all the electrical has been installed near the top of the house, not the bottom.


Hytte Tiny House

Here is another unique house, the modified “C” shape is crafted from layered wood to create this shape. You can take in amazing views with the floor to ceiling windows. The interior has beautiful wood paneling that is sculpted to the contours of the structure, creating a seamless floor that flows into the wall, then the ceiling. You will no doubt notice the lack of amenities such as a kitchen or bathroom, but is that a bad thing?

What if you were to have several of these houses, each with its own purpose. This one to sleep in, the next to bathe in, another to dine in. It would almost make sense, the simplicity of the structure demands the simplicity in its function.


Mobile Beach House

This house is designed to be dropped in place in just about anywhere, in this case it has been setup at the beach.  The very best part of this house is how the Designers describe it, its a bit ridiculous.  He/She certainly has way about words, but here is how the designer describes it:Beach House

A widespread hotel or particular pleasant retreat, the mobile home designed by Hangar Design Group can be conceived as a plug ‘n play resort conceptually tied to the space they will be placed in: at the sea, in the mountains or a metropolitan tourist destination.

Suite Home could be an attic in the city centre or a suite in a luxury hotel. Certainly, it follows a more urban type of living space, built around a large and elegant open space for relaxing and pleasant living outside the home.

A fluid alternation of volumes and shades of colour characterize this module, emphasizing how the interior complements the exterior, which three large panoramic windows look out onto.

The sole, spacious double bedroom combine the oriental flavour of Japanese tatami with a New York-style skyline in order to create a definitely metropolitan mood characterized by cultural contamination.

The interior are characterized by a minimalist design, with a clearly defined room layout. The extremely essential modern-style furnishings and finishes contribute to creating a sense of continuity between different rooms.

The dark oak nuance is in harmonious contrast with the pale colours of the walls and ceiling. The living area, dominated by the sofa and the large TV set, merges fluidly with the bedroom. The entire design affords a pleasant serene feeling, a combination of elegance, warmth and comfort.

Suite Home can be placed in direct contact with nature, avoiding the traditional hotel structure and immersed in the context, enjoying the resources and the identity of the location, without sacrificing the comforts of a real home: authentic environments, with structural aspects designed not for tourists but for residents, even if temporary.

All mobile homes designed by Hangar Design Group use valuable materials and state of the art design. They stand out for their recognizable style and a strong aesthetic and qualitative value. An innovative formula, for wandering travellers and those who love exploring and staying in nature without giving up the comforts of home.

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