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Living Large In An Air Stream

There is something appealing to me about the iconic Airstream look, whatever it is, it is the one trailer that I have ever considered.  Today we have a really neat Airstream that that is only 160 square feet.  One feature that I really like is the mounted computer screen.  This allows the screen to be pulled out to create the feeling of a minimalistic desk, then pushed flush with the wall to create a TV feel.  The trailer itself has been totally redone with an amazing color pallet that is appealing and light enough to give an airiness to the small space.






Airstream Renovation

So I don’t know why, but there is this weird fascination with Airstreams, I think it has to do with the shiny metal and just overall craftsmanship of them.  This 1963 Airstream was gutted and turned into a visually dynamic work space.  It is technically a studio, but being that it is a blank slate of a shell, it has huge potential for a living space.  Plus the construction pictures are cool!