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rSTUD – Thermal Lumber

So this is a pretty neat product I just found, it is a little hard to put into words, but looking at the photos you can see.  rSTUD is a piece of wood that has a thermal break in the middle.  So you are able to cut then fasten just like normal and you still retain its strength.  While this is a really neat idea, I would imagine that this is pretty costly, but looking at their prices page (this product is available) a 2×4 is $6.75  while a normal 2×4 would be between $2.75 to $3.75.  Now the beauty of Tiny Houses is that they do not require as much materials, so we can splurge on higher end stuff or products that increase efficiency.  To use a product like this in a McMansion would be cost prohibitive, but in a Tiny House you might add $1000 to your total bill, which could eventually pay for itself. The 2×4 is rated at r11 and the 2×6 is rated at r21.  This is 4 times the insulation power of a regular stud.

Note the insulation layer between the wood.

How much more would you pay for efficiency?