Summer House

  1. I love the “minimalism” of built-in furniture and the blue and white color scheme, but as with so many tiny houses, I wonder — How do you make up that bed? Trying to get a fitted sheet on a mattress in that confined space would require great agility.

    • how do they do it with bunk beds that sit against a wall? I generally have a fitted sheet then a duvet cover and that’s it. Making my bed is one thing I don’t really get unless I have company over.

  2. I have to admit, Holly, that is the only thing I miss about living in a larger space – having a bed open on three sides, ahhhh.

    That might be a design challenge for our Tiny House designers? Maximum useage of space, and a bed that’s a snap to make? Any takers? 😉

  3. Has anyone used Murphy beds with success? Reusable space, access on three sides, etc.

  4. This is great! Too bad they didn’t show the kitchen and bathroom.

    • They kinda show the kitchen, but not really in one of the photos

  5. I really like this guys work.

  6. My complaint is lack of wood tones on the inside. All that white is not only hard to keep clean, but (in my opinion) too sterile looking, and I can’t imagine the glare if the sun shines in on that floor.

    Otherwise, it’s a really neat place with, what looks like, plenty of seating for hanging out.

  7. good blog – cheers

  8. It me of a more uniform/geometric version of cob houses I’ve seen pictures of – with the lofted bed and the built-in, wrap around seating. And with the cob is one can heat the bed/seating area by putting stovepipes thru the material and using cob as insulation.

  9. Great house. I read about it on a European site. I believe it said there was no bathroom. The person would use some sort of a communal bathroom. Always loved the modern look of this summer cabin.

    • Thanks for the additional information, this is one of my favorites!

  10. This is Casa Kolonihagen by Tommie Wilhelmsen

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