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By this point I think everyone and their mother know how elctronics when not in use still sap electricity.  Here is a little gadget for your TV or Computer to stop wating electricity in its tracks when not in use via unplugged:


Reprint: unplugged Taryn July 10 2009

We try and turn off all the unneccesary power-suckers in a standard routine every time we leave the house. The lights go off, the computer goes into sleep mode and the TV, DVD player and cable box each get a shut-down with the remotes on the coffee table. But when you’re in a rush to get out the door, you just look for the light switch and the TV power button to get the house dark and quiet. All those other peripherals get forgotten! But what if the DVD player, cable box and surround sound system went off automatically whenever the TV did?

That’s exactly what happens when you wire up your entertainment center with the TV TrickleSaver.

This wire-y gizmo has built-in current sensing circuitry to be able to tell when the TV has been turned off. As a result, it will cut power to all the other peripherals you’ve got plugged into it. And when you get back home to click the TV back on, all the other gadgets will power up, too.

It’s perfectly compatible to be used with other power strips, so you can connect all the power-lemming gadgets you want.

There’s also a PC version that can be used to shut off all your computer peripherals.

Buy one or both from the TrickleSaver store ($34.95 for TV, $24.95 for PC).

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  1. I would like to point out the Smart Strip (… An autosensing port powers 6 others, at a bit cheaper than the one you displayed. It even has a few always on ports for things like DVRs as they never turn off.

    Also, pc sleep mode is a joke in terms of power savings, just turn it off.

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