Spinning Some Tiny Tunes

To build off of Andrea’s most excellent suggestions for entertaining in/around a tiny house, I’ve been thinking about my personal Tiny House Playlist. And since I’m still knee-deep in creating the time-lapse video of our floor build, I wanted to do something fun here in the meantime.

Here’s my anthem for building and living in a tiny house. Old Man Luedecke is an amazing blue grass banjo player and songwriter, and I highly recommend his music if you like that sort of thing, but all of us can identify with the message in this particular song, “I Quit My Job,” even if you happen to like your job right now.



Your Turn!

  • Spit it out, what are your Tiny House Songs?
  • Which artists/songs represent the freedom of tiny living, or the fun/trials of tiny building to you?
  1. This song always makes me smile and exemplifies the freedom of tiny (and simple) living for me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG0-iWCKjsw

  2. First night at the property I bought I could hear some people down the road singing this song and a bunch of other John Prine tunes around their campfire late at night. Made me smile too.

  3. Thanks for the songs! Love John Prine.

  4. A tune I listened to a lot while working on my place was The House by Bourne and MacLeod, from their recording Dance and Celebrate. I know it’s not “really” about building a literal house but it works for me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qbyOT4lvqI

    • Nice. House as metaphor, which it definitely is 🙂

  5. LaMars I Am My Own Man and his great flipside There’s a Hole In The Boat.

  6. My House–by Kacey Musgraves!!

    My tiny house anthem 🙂

  7. For me it’s definitely the “Heavenly Houseboat Blues” by Townes van Zandt.

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