Sneaky Cabin

I found this awesome little house today which has an interesting feature… The decks fold up so that it looks like an old shed, but then come down to form a porch and reveal a tiny home.  The wood in the house is gorgeous with chunky beams and the post and beam style is amazing.

The Foresters Cabin was originally erected at the 1996. This cabin 24′ x 12′ has drop sides so it looks like a shed when closed up. The structure is a pegged green oak frame. It has a double bed alcove, small washroom/wc and kitchenette.

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  1. B U T ful

  2. All those floor to ceiling windows make all the difference in the world! The home feels spacious and filled with glorious light. Love it!

  3. Where, in what climate, is this cabin?

    Aesthetically, it is gorgeous; pragmatically, how energy efficient is it?

    Do they have to keep the decks/walls raised in the winter to keep the heat from the fireplace inside? If so, then what happens to all of the natural lighting?

    This one got my thoughts stirred. Amazing.

  4. Oh yes.

    I love loads of the tiny houses, but this one with all the light/windows and yet you can close it up safely if you want to travel away… oh yes.

    And this one will appeal to those of us who don’t fancy loft ladders, too. Oh yes. Definitely.

    Saving this one!!

  5. Just beautiful!

    I love the look of many of the tiny houses, especially the ones with expanses of glass. As an engineer and builder (we live in NH), I’ll drool over some of the pictures…. and realize that heating would be a issue. Our state building code for energy-efficiency kicks in at 150 s.f.

    I suspect that most of such places are a few hundred miles south of here or located in the PNW. [Heck- most everything is a few hundred miles south of here. ]

  6. That’s a timber frame, not a post and beam. They are different.
    In fact their description says it is a timber frame: “The structure is a pegged green oak frame.”
    That description, the Country Living Fair and the vehicle all tell me that this is somewhere in the UK.

  7. Nifty idea for a weekender type cabin. Those sides should help with security when the building isn’t in use. Love the expanses of glass.

  8. interesting concept

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