Sketchup Coming The 2015 Tiny House Conference

I am really excited to share some big news, the makers of Sketchup are going to be sending a team of folks to the Tiny House Conference to help run training sessions at the conference!  The 2015 Conference will be in Portland, OR April 18-19th 2015 (details here). For those of you who don’t know, Sketchup is a free 3D design program that is perfect for designing your tiny house.  Many people already know about it, but for those of you who don’t, it’s a tool you need to learn.  It will be your go to tool in designing your tiny house.

sketup logo

So at the conference we are having two sessions on Sketchup.  The first will be run in conjunction with one of our speakers, James, he is a master with Sketchup having helped draw up Macy Miller’s very popular tiny house and plans.

The next session is going to be a bonus session that I haven’t had a chance to announce, it just got put on the calendar.  This will be with the experts from Sketchup, showing you how to do things, answering questions and getting hands on with the software to design a tiny house.

For those who are new, check out Michael’s video from Tiny House Design


Come Join Us in Portland, OR April 18-19th 2015


  1. I would like to come to the conference in Portland. Is there any camping nearby? I would prefer this to motels or hotels. A hostel would be ok, but I prefer a campsite.
    Please let me know, thanks,

  2. Hey Rod,

    We’re going to be right in the city, so the closest thing to camping might be a hostel. $23 a night

  3. Great news. Will this conference be live streamed? It would be nie for those who live in the east coast and say are univeristy students that are highly concerning a tiny house when they graduate (both apply to me, haha).

    • Sorry it will not be. One of the best parts about the conference is the personal connections you make with people face to face. Online streaming doesn’t allow for that. Plus having a guaranteed stream is a technically difficult and very expensive thing to execute and most venues don’t have the capacity to do so.

      • I understand =)

        It will be a few years before I can invest the resources (time and money) I currently do not have into a tiny house. I’ll keep myself informed on this movement.

        Thank you for the quick response and also for the information you have put online.

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