RVs Or A Tiny House – Tiny House Chat Podcast

  1. Thanks for doing this episode. I now understand why RV’s always gave me the creeps. All the chemicals, poor air flow, etc. I’d love to see the inside of a tiny house to see how it “feels” inside. You guys make it sound pretty similar to a conventional home.

  2. i just bought an ecojohn for my cabin in big bear, california. an incinerating toilet. man i love this thing. a little pricey at $3,995 but worth it. works perfect and very sturdy. these are supplied to the us army and marine corp. i have the propane model that also uses a small amount of electricty. we use the cabin about twice a month and usually it’s four of us. works like a charm. i was surprised by no odor. i really thought that would be a problem. anybody else have one??

  3. Thanks for your podcasts. Your stories make me want to meet you. Thank you for your work and your influence on tiny house issues.

    What a thorough examination of RVs vs tiny houses! You’ve thought of everything.

  4. Excellent summary of the issues. Every time this question comes up on some blog comment there should be a link to this podcast in reply.

  5. I had a quick question, maybe for another podcast. Besides insulation, what are some ways to heat and cool a tiny house? I have seen plans that include a woodstove, but those can be tempermental. Can tiny homes have a window air conditioner in the hot summer months?

  6. Good info. Lucky me I recently found your website by chance (stumbleupon).
    I’ve bookmarked it for later!

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