Renovated Small House

So many people think I’m crazy when I talk about living in Tiny Houses and the truth is…. it is a bit crazy.  I realize that 15o square feet is insanely small, part of the appeal for me is the challenge of seeing if I can do it.  My long term plan is to live in a Tiny House for a good while then shift to a small house.  I found this 600 square foot house and really liked the design but also the balance of keeping it small, but functional.




  1. This is wonderful. I am turning a small well made shed into a tiny house. It is about 120 sq. ft. plus a sleeping loft.
    I agree, the challenge of seeing if it can be done comfortably, functionally and keeping the long term living goal in mind are great challenges.
    Keep on keeping on….


  2. The window walls make all the difference here.

    This is about the size of my one bedroom apartment, and easy space for living single, maybe a compatible couple.

  3. umm thats bigger than my apartment i had last year. it was very cozy for a couple but now im married w kids n have to have more room.

  4. I read somewhere that a person can only discern another person’s facial expressions up to about 12 feet away. This really made me think that you don’t want to have a room that is more than 12′ x 12′. You could then design a house where the kitchen is 12×12, living room is 12×12, bedroom is 12×12 (including the closet), and then the rest would be the bathroom/with washer/dryer and stairs to a basement (which–if large enough windows were put in–could later be finished out into 2 or more bedrooms and/or storage). By having the basement option, it would make it more appealing to others (family’s with kids), if the home needed to be sold later for some reason. Everything would be on the main floor, though, for a retired couple, who had trouble with stairs, but the basement would also be there for storage and storm shelter. I love tiny houses, but this would be the best option for me and my family.

  5. That’s a pretty good floor plan at 600 sq ft but I don’t like the large wasted space in the foyer area. Efficient plumbing layout and good kitchen configuration but it looks like they might have a pocket door into the bath. Where would the light switch go then? It’s great to see designs of single family dwellings in this size range. This home being cozy and not just tiny creates a much broader appeal in my opinion.

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