Recycle Locally


This concept is pretty interesting, its a recycles bin that takes the paper and creates a trash bin out of the paper.  its an interesting solution to trash can liners, these could be used instead until they start to break down and can be recycled normally.  here is what Yanko Design had to say

Imagine putting all your unwanted trash papers into this recycle bin, and it spits out a trendy trash bin or stool made out of that same discarded paper. Call it Origami magic or Paper Mache wonders, but I think it’s an awesome game plan. The paper dumped into the Waste Paper Recycle Trash Bin gets mixed with “668 polyvinyl alcohol environment cement”, and is compressed into the trash-bin form.

The recycle bin for its eco-conscious, part features a touchscreen navigation display, a slot on the top for you to slide in the paper sheets, a cement-mixture-pouring-in compartment and thermovents at the back. The body is constructed out of aluminum and biodegradable plastics, but its unclear how the system runs or how does it source its power.


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