Book Nooks For Small Spaces

  1. So many cool ideas! It seems to be a characteristic of “tiny house” people that they need their books around them….

  2. Cute, but I’ve never understood having a separate place just to read. Maybe it makes more sense if you live in a busy house. For me one of the big attractions of a book is its portability. At my tiny place wherever I can find a comfy perch is a reading nook. Sometimes it’s the kitchen table, sometimes on the couch/bed, sometimes on a hillside bench and of course the outhouse has a little stash of reading material. I take a book just about everywhere I go and sometimes a little folding stool as well so I can take a reading break on walks where there may not be any other spot available for somebody with bad knees. Having private spaces when sharing a home makes sense but as appealing as these little nooks are I would prefer something more multipurpose.

  3. I’m with Alice, the only ones that make sense for tiny house dwellers are those created outside.

    But with space being such a premium even the storing of books seems to make no sense, at least to me. If you’re one of these people that “must” have a real book in their hands then join the library, otherwise get a kindle and have tons to read without taking up any more space than a single glossy magazine would.

    • that sounds easy, but limited funds stop many people from “buying” those books. i like turning the paper pages, the feel of the books in my hands, and just the whole experience of reading a real book. sorry but gadgets cost one way or another.

      • I agree with Hunter. Kindles and e-readers are nice (and space-efficient) but I want a real book in my hands that I can page through anywhere, anytime without the worry of keeping a battery charged.

  4. These are beautiful little nooks, makes one wonder if this is finding ones way back to the wome? It is amazing how people gravitate to a spot which just hugs them. I am like Alice and absorbed in a good book can put you in a bubble all by itself. One day I spent a week in Trafalgar Sq in London England during the tourist season and was the only one there, other than the author of the book I was reading. But hey, who can live without being hugged.

    I am in the process of building an outside sitting area (a patio in the bush) of some uniqueness and came across some tire chairs but these are much easier and faster to build, thanks Ryan, once again your blog has saved me time and money. You da man.

  5. Ryan, just a though, I often read a comment and would just like to acknowledge that I like it or do not like or could go either way with it. Possibly you could put a rating system under the comments that yappy suckers like me would just click, I am an avid follower of people like Alice and Andy here and also enjoy reading Cahow and many others. As hard as I try, I can’t seem to put up short comments and do try, but I actually bore me at times. Possibly being able to touch type is a detriment! I just start typing and off I go. Like now, (this could have been said with fewer words, I am sure) Aldene proved that point, one short sentence and spoke volumes. We all do not have that journalistic talent.

  6. I’m not flexible enough these days to get down on the floor/ground, so need a chair or couch that I can get up out of. Also, having lots of books in a tiny house doesn’t make too much sense, as they take up lots of room and are heavy. For me there will be books that I will not or cannot get a digital version of, and I am loathe to part with all my Frank Lloyd Wright books, and my copy of A Pattern Language, but I hope to get my large assortment of books down to a size where there will be plenty of room for them in my future tiny house. I think in a tiny house a reading nook is a BSR.

    • I think if there is anything I want lining the walls of my tiny house, it’s books.

  7. Reading a book in a nook. What a pleasure. These pictures are inspiration enough for me to factor a nook into my tiny house, I reckon.

  8. I wish I had one of these spaces in my apartment. Right now I try to read in my bed and always have a problem staying awake.

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