Reader’s Renderings

So recently two readers of and our Facebook Page have posted some drawing they made on google sketchup.  I thought they were pretty good and I thought I’d share.  If you all ever have drawings, photos, stories, videos etc.   Shoot me an email  ryan112ryan [at]

I’ve been messing around with Sketchup for the last few months. I have a few ideas down. It’d be great to have some feed back. I have plenty more photos in my profile any and all ideas welcome.

-Stephen Smith

Now in production, 216 sq ft Tiny House. Two configurations: “A” module is bed/bath, “B” module is cooking/living. Modules are constructed from panels, bolted together on-site; may be disassembled and moved later.

-Bryan Jenkins

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  1. I have some designs on my blog, but they are all hand drawn because I cannot seem to figure out how to use google sketch. I have more ideas coming soon, but they are still in thought process. My designs are mainly geared towards small families, but I throw in other stuff on an occasion.

  2. In place of the hammock you could use that corner area and make a half loft.

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