Purpose In Life – Mad Libs Edition

Time and time again I’ve shared how important it is to self-reflect and take time for introspection.  Taking my own advice, I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on myself, trying to uncover understanding around my personal purpose and meaning in life.

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Large questions bubble to the surface when you live The Tiny Life; it’s inevitable.  Part of this journey for me is expressed in the form of posts to you all, because many of you are on a similar journey as I am.  I decided to try writing down questions that would get me thinking about these questions from a different viewpoint.

Fill out the Mad Libs and share in the comments!

  1. When its my last day on earth, I’ll look back and be thankful that I did ______.
  2. The biggest source of stress in my life is _____.
  3. When it comes to things I have to do, I hate doing ____, _______, and ______.
  4. I can’t stop smiling when I do ______.
  5. Before I die I want to _______.
  6. When I do _____ I look up from doing it and realize hours have past.
  7. I feel powerful when I _______
  8. If I could put one message on a billboard in Times Square it would be ____.
  9. Your 10 year old self be most disappointed to learn that you were doing ______.
  10. Success means ______ to me.

Your Turn!

  • Share your answers in the comments!
  • What question would you add?
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  1. What a personally interesting moment this is for me to stumble on your website and these questions! I was just commenting to three close friends in the last two days about how I did soooo much work to make this HUGE transition in my life, and while a lot of it is behind me….I’m still NOT where I dreamed I would be…and I’m still making choices that keep me from getting there.

    And especially interesting is how you said it’s important to spend time self-reflecting. Not three hours ago I remarked about how I need to STOP moving, sit still, and really THINK about how I’m going to change my daily actions to move me in the direction I so voraciously claim I want to go….

    And for your Mad Libs…
    1. If I change this question just a little bit, I can easily say….”When it is my last day on earth, I’ll look back and be thankful for the moments when I was scared sh*tless….but took brave action anyway.”
    2. Financial.
    3. Paperwork, paperwork and any other paperwork.
    4. I can’t stop smiling when I pet my doggies, play my piano, take pictures and write. Sometimes I can’t stop crying when I do those things either. So there’s that.
    5. Before I die, I want to live. 🙂
    6. When I write, play piano, code, or take photos, huge chunks of time pleasantly pass away.
    7. I feel powerful when I come up with a great solution/insight that makes a difference to someone/something I care about.
    8. They’d take my message down in 2 seconds flat. haha. 🙂
    9. I don’t know about my 10 year old self, but my 12 year old self would be quite dismayed that I haven’t published my first book yet…especially seeing I’m sitting on over 30 of them, and haven’t even sent them out.
    10. Success means freedom to choose how I spend every moment of my time.

    My own question: If you could meet one person, who would it be, why do you want to meet them, and what would the meeting be like:

    I’d like to meet Teri Gross, host of Fresh Air. She’s a fantastic interviewer. The meeting would be an interview after I’ve published an enchantingly entertaining and interestingly intriguing best seller.

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