Practical Tips For Downsizing Everything….Part I Forget

I have written several posts on how to downsize and eliminate lots of things in your life.  Whether it getting rid of physical things or clearing your day planner for time with yourself, it’s all important.  Today I wanted to share an awesome little tip that I found years ago.  What am I talking about?CIMG1163 I am talking about all those club cards that you have to keep on your keychain.  They annoy the heck out of me, the idea that they pretend that they are giving you discounts off your groceries irks me, but the point is they make your keychain huge.

Maybe it’s just me but I try to keep my keychain as small as possible, because you pretty much carry it with you everywhere.  So Just One Club Card is a great website which allows you to combine your club cards into a single business card size card.  I keep this in my wallet and my keychain free of these silly things.

Check out Just One Club Card

  1. This is one of the things that really bug me too, but not just because there are so many of them, but because it's a violation of my privacy. Each one of those "club cards" is used by the owner to completely track your purchasing habits for their sales and marketing. I personally don't care for them to know what was the last brand of toothpaste I bought, or how long my deodorant cans last, so I do my best to avoid them altogether.

  2. This great idea can also be a DIY project with a photocopy machine, scissors, and clear tape. I cut my cards first, leaving just the bar codes, and photocopy them together.

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