Polyhedron House

This house is pretty unique in many ways, it was designed to be part of a cluster of houses, so it’s bathroom and kitchen functions would be located outside of this house.  The designer wanted to integrate the natural surroundings so he truncated the polyhedron to create a floor to ceiling wall of glass.
















  1. Okay, THAT is COOL!

    Add in a bathroom and I’m all over it. Could it be make 0.5 bigger?

    • Obviously we have trouble with basic math and geometry here!

      Anything x 0.5 would be something smaller.

      But to add something to this question, why couldn’t it be made smaller or bigger?
      The problem with anything this shape is that they leak.

      • Lol, obviously. No math skills, whatsoever. I make up for it in cuteness..

        Obviously I meant half AGAIN as bigger.. or big. Whatever.

  2. 1) technically not a polyhedron as it is hollow and not solid
    2) your stereotypical four walls and a pitched roof house is also a polyhedron if we disregard #1 so the headline is doubly misleading.

    • You can seriously correct the geometry of this amazing house? Wow…

  3. That would make a great guest house!

  4. Who do we contact to inquire about;

    1. Availability?
    2. Cost?
    3. Plans?

    Anyone out there have the same questions?

  5. Can a bathroom be added on to this?

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