I don’t quite know what it is, but there is just something about these Tiny Houses that are just very charming.  The photo of them in the snow makes them seem so cozy and warm.  They are modeled after some huts in India and are used as mini cabin for cross country skiing.  They come with heat, LED lights and solar ventilation.


  1. Hi Ryan,

    Very charming. Are they made in the good old USA?

  2. Good Old switzerland…

  3. I believe there’s a permaculture community in New Mexico has some tiny cabins built along a similar design to these, they are rented out during the summer months for classes they put on and then cared for during the winter by the few permanent residents of the Lamas Community. There is very little info on them though, I’ve had to glean this in bits and pieces from the different books and several other blogs.

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