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Just found this awesome Tiny House located in my home state, North Carolina.  Aaron Maret (aaronmaret.com) built this Tiny House out of almost all reclaimed materials.  The result, a house that is both low impact, but aesthetically amazing!

Aaron describes his use of reclaimed materials

I feel pretty wowed by how beautiful and special salvaged wood, specifically, can be. but I also feel challenged by how much extra time in sourcing, processing, processing, processing, and using salvaged wood has added to the construction time line.

It gives me insight into why so many building materials end up in the construction dumpsters… it’s not necessarily because folks don’t care about resource use and conservation. often there simply isn’t the budget to pay for the labor required to manage and process leftovers, scraps, recyclables and the like.

Below are some photos, his site is at aaronmaret.com

  1. I wonder what the low windows are for. The siding turned out beautiful!

  2. timaree,
    the low windows are altars in our tiny sancuary room!

  3. Hey Ryan – you found an awesome house. Is he close enough to where you can visit and see it in person?

    Aaron – your tiny house is awesome. I’m looking forward to continue watching your progress. So far I love what you’ve done. Low windows make it a little funky… Love it dude.

  4. Can’t get over it dude, the rustic style siding is great… Later! – Alex

  5. Aaron… about the frustrations of you using reclaimed materials. Man, I can’t imagine. I was taking apart a bench so that I could re-use the wood to make a shelf… and what a pain. Removing nails, etc. I can definitely see why things end up in the dumpster, too….and that was just a bench lol.

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