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Homemade Cleaning Products

...  Baking soda is an excellent scouring agent, while tea tree oil (you'll find that among the supplements in your natural foods store) ...  An old t-shirt makes a perfect "recycled materials" housecleaning rag for dusting and polishing. Mix a small amount of baking soda ...

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Solar Tent Structure

...  love the minimalist approach when it comes to many things, houses included.  One trend I have noticed over the years is designers fascination with "tent houses."  While these are tents, they are designed to be permanent or ...

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How Tiny isn’t just smart, its ethical

...  is obviously a strong case for having small house, its affordable, its simple, its well...allot of things.  But one thing ...  square feet, I foresee a strong trend to downsizing. Tree Huger has a great article on this saying When I hear the question, "Can ...

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