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Meditation Treehouse

...  had very very little to actually say about this awesome tree house, here is what they said: The treehouse serves as a room for meditation ...

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Georgia Tiny House Builders

...  FACTS: Are Tiny Houses Legal In Georgia: YES* Tiny House Costs In Georgia: $35,000 - ...  and rich, lush forests filled with oak and hickory trees. You’ll find the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in the northwest ...  fish, an organic vegetable garden, and a grove of fruit trees. The organic produce they offer community members is highly revered. At ...

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How To Design A Tiny House: Ryan’s Guide To Designing Your Dream Tiny Home

...  Hi, I'm Ryan When I was about to start my tiny house journey (a decade ago!) I remember feeling confident in my plan. Yet, ...  you go (just in case you’re missing the forest for the trees). Tiny House Design Tips Room-By-Room When you're ready to ...

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Tiny House Parking – Where Do You Park A Tiny House?

...  don’t get too far into pursuing a tiny house build before asking the question, “Where do you park a tiny house?” That’s because tiny house parking is a major challenge. Having ...  lots overnight in some Walmarts, Bass Pros, etc. Street parking in some areas Tiny Home Parking In RV Parks RV parks ...

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Tiny House Toilet Options: What It’s Really Like To Use A Composting Toilet

...  house toilet options are a rather taboo topic; it's an area where I think ...  that I live on 32 acres, and being a guy, I can find a tree for liquid waste. There will be weeks, sometimes even months, where I ...  year after year becomes an issue. It can damage the soil, trees and pose certain hazards (and urine smells). I also should add the ...

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