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As I take a look at things when it comes to consumption and waste, one area that stands out is food packaging. While I am not sure I am ready to give up my toilet paper (even though it is 100% recycled) food packaging is an area that I could do without. Here is a neat concept for a quick deploy bulk food store. You have to bring or purchase reusable containers to get all your items, since it is all in bulk, it stands to reason that it could be done a bit cheaper too.


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  1. ROFL. This is awesome. I grew up in one of those that my parents helped to start. Back then we called it a “co-op” 😉

    But then they became something else and the bulk section is a tiny back corner. Sad, really.

  2. Reaching over one bin to get to another?
    Nuts (need refrigeration) stored in regular bins?
    All bins the same size regardless of turn over?
    Looks like open bins, too.

    This store needs new management. Food is not a pretty design feature.

    Bulk is a great concept but this needs better follow through.

  3. There’s a bulk food store in our small town. very busy. Laws here require closed bins, and individual scoops. They bins are laid out in two or three easily-accessible tiers. Four sizes of bins from small for spices (cup-sized) to five gallon bucket size for sugar, etc. Bring your own container, have it weighed first and get 5% off your purchase price. They have everything dry imaginable. They don’t refrigerate nuts but the turnover is very fast. While I have bought stale/rancid packaged nuts at the grocers, I’ve never gotten anything but fresh ones at the bulk store. They also sell a lot of local products, eggs, milk, cheeses, bread and baked goods, gluten-free breads, and nuts in season. Great walnuts are grown here. Lots cheaper than the grocers too.

  4. Crazy..! I’ve been dreaming about this for years! Me and a friend are working on it right now…I’m so excited for this to happen..

    • Forest,

      I would love to see photos of it!!

      email me at ryan112ryan [at] and I can post them.


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