Not So Tiny Tables For A Tiny House

When it comes to having friends and family over to your Tiny House one thing that I know is that as humans we love to share a meal with those we care about.  My family, sitting down for meals is an important event everyday.   While it may not reasonable to have the whole gang over for Thanks Giving or a game night inside, it might be possible to do it outside, weather permitting.  Here are a few tables that can handle a larger group but don’t take up too much space and are perfect for outdoor dinning.

closed flatpack table

openflatpack table

Below is an inflatable table!  I would never in a million years think this would work, but it is so impresive because he can actually stand on it without it buckling.

inflate table


Here is another suitcase style table that folds up in a easy to carry, easy to store case.

suitcase tablevia

Here is a piece of wall art where the frame becomes the legs in this Murphy style table.



  1. This was a cool post, I love this stuff. It’s too bad that we can’t buy most of this stuff.

  2. Diggin’ the murphy-table. My Cabin in VT had a bed that folded up against the wall, displaying a god-awful/comical tag-sale painting on the underside when stored. The painting later made way for a dartboard-case, which has its doors secured in place by a bungee cord when the bed is dropped flat…

    Same idea, but nothing as slick looking as the painting/example you’ve given, which takes it to a whole new modern level.

  3. That murphy table is great! and seems easy to make…

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