Next Steps For The Tiny Life

So it’s official, I’ve been living in my tiny house and while its still a work in progress, its at a point where I can live in it and do a lot of what I need to do in it.  Right now I have a make shift kitchen, but in the coming months I’ll start to build out my final kitchen after I get back from what I’m announcing in the video below.  I also need to install the floor trim which will take a few hours and then put in tile in the bathroom, again a few hours.  I hit a huge milestone a little bit ago by finally connecting my water meter to my house, which was a quarter of a mile away from each other!  I’ll do a post on that soon.

But before I get into that, I wanted to share this video with you about what is next for me and The Tiny Life

life in a tiny house


In the video I mention our guide to adventures, you can get it here

  1. I recently returned from an extended trip to Europe, thanks to some lifestyle changes. While I don’t have a tiny house, I have chosen to live in a small apartment which keeps my costs low. I know exactly what you’re talking about with your thought experiment. It’s incredibly difficult to choose what to do when you have all the freedom that comes with a tiny life. On my blog, I shared the details of my trip and how I flew round trip across the Atlantic for only $102. Thought yoh may find the info useful with your upcoming trip.

  2. Love it! Great idea and you’re quite right, it’s about Tiny Living. Subscribing. Fantastic looking background in this announcement video. Your house is so well built and that sliver of woods on the left was the loveliest most relaxing view.

    You are adorable. I’m betting the next Tiny House you’ll build will have to hold two and a smaller third.

  3. Now that your home is finished, I’d enjoy seeing a video tour.

  4. Hi Ryan. Wow, inspirational video. My wife and I hope to reduce and declutter our lives to live simple lifestyles…once our kids have grown that is (and taking on a life of their own)
    Shelly is right. The view outside of your tiny house is something I would love to have one day.
    Congrads on living the life you want at such a young age.

    As Tammy mentioned, a video tour of your home would be appreciated. We can see how you have simplified your life and de-cluttered your mind. lol.

  5. Hi Ryan, Thanks for the very helpful information! Best wishes for your travel. I will be looking forward to you “after the Tiny House” blogs!

  6. Ryan, Spot on! I have been working afar from my BIG home in Arizona. It is a boat anchor! I am not sure about going as small as some of the Tiny houses. To De-clutter and Down Size is quite a challenge but I am just about there to start that process. Thanks for the inspirational video.

  7. Congratulations, and best wishes on your adventures. I wish I had started this way sooner. I’m 64, and not in any shape to build, but I designed and sourced as much as I could, and others are putting it together for me now. I’m hoping for that feeling of freedom I once had to return. Go and enjoy the journey.

    • Jane, do you have a blog? I’m 64 as well and really want to ‘rightsize’ myself into a tiny house. There’s very little on the net about seniors living in tiny houses. We need to encourage one another! Would love to hear more of your story.

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