Help Shape The Future Of Tiny Houses

  1. A book on how to shop reuse it,craigslist,salvage stores etc. for building supplies. I feel that often the only thing holding up someones dream of a Tiny House is mired in the belief that they cost $20,000 or more to build. If you are open to fitting brand new windows that are not exactly like the plans,you can often find them for near give away prices. A standard front door v.s. a custom made tiny door saves a bunch.Many budget options exist if a dreamer is aware.
    Spending months or years fretting over every detail isn’t necessary.
    Don’t fear jumping in and hammering away.

    • The only problem with that is you need a place to store materials until you have enough to use. If you don’t store things properly they could end up damaged, stolen or confiscated by officialdom as trash. On the other hand, you can always upgrade later as long as your basic structure is sound. You can frame up the window area in a way that makes it easier to accommodate other sizes later and you can use all sorts of makeshift furniture pieces until you have enough money to do proper built ins. Painted plywood floors are fine until you run across enough hardwood or whatever.

  2. Alice, there is somewhere in your world you can store such items. especially the one’s you will sooo regret not snatching up..especially those dual pane windows which have a cosmetic blemish, or the perfect door…that great pile of good wood, that perfectly good cabinet, sink and most of a kitchen in the dumpster the street over where they are stupidly trashing items HABITAT for HUMANITY could use. Not to forget HABITAT FOR HUMANITY’S STORES.

    You could buy, salvage, a metal/wood small storage shed and hold of on the scrap plywood and fill it up with the items you really save megabucks by salvaging. Even share storage rental with a friend…You can do it Alice!

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