New Urbanism

While I may have a Tiny Lifestyle blog, I have always been trying to really hone in on what the Tiny Lifestyle truly is.  It is more than just owning a tiny house; it is a culmination of many things which leads us to a life which addresses human needs that we find are absent in our lives.  It’s seeking more time, discovering ourselves and loved ones.  It’s getting back in touch with nature; I would even go as far as saying there is a spiritual side to it as well.

I feel that the course we are going on as humans isn’t sustainable in both ecological and psychological terms.  With so many humans on this earth we are feeling cramped, we lack room to roam, time to be and other needs of the human condition.  What does this all have to do with Urbanism?

Like I said the way we live today isn’t sustainable in many ways, we must rethink, reengineer and adjust our behaviors.  With 6.5+ billion people on this world urbanism will happen and we have to be smart about it.

So today I want to share these a few videos (if you only watch one, take time for the first it’s phenomenal) about building better.  There are many people who are part of the Tiny House Movement that do so in an urban setting.  For those of you whom are a bit more remote, while these things talk about cities and urban area, there are undoubtedly gems we can gleam.  Whether these ideas are used to develop your community, your own tract of land or a small community of tiny houses, these ideas are invaluable for the backwoods or cities alike.



More great videos after the link




  1. Couldn’t agree more. The TED video was a great watch!

    If you haven’t seen it, A Crude Awakening is a great doc about the end of cheap oil, semi-related to the TED video. :]

  2. Kunstler video: So much bloviating blather.

  3. For twenty years I have lived in a small town where my daughter walked to school, band practice, and soft ball games…I walk to the grocery store where I can buy locally grown organic foods…walk to the coffee shops (three to choose from)…walk to the restaurants (fine dining, pizza, burgers, and organic whole menus and live music three or four nights a week)…walk to the live theatre with professional productions year round…walk the dogs…know all my neighbors and they know me…walk to church (if you're religious which I'm not, but it's available)…walk to the hairdresser, dentist, doctor, massage therapist…well, I think you get the idea.

    The people here are happy, healthy, friendly, and we have a community…no one is ever alone (unless they want to be). We are surrounded by mountains, rivers, vineyards and orchards, room to roam or ride a bike for miles without having to drive anywhere (unless you want to go to the city…which reminds us why we want to live here!)

    I can testify with no reservations, this is a great way to live. I grew up in Detroit, and I've lived on 200 acres in the country, and hands down I am happier and healthier here than anywhere else.

    PS – The "Built To Last" video is the best 🙂

    Thanks for the post. It's great to see this info being shared!

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