Nada House

Today we have another for the tiny house family readers, a Japanese house that is 678 square feet for a small family on a very narrow lot.  What I really like about this house is the central part of the house is flooded with natural light through all the floors, while at the same time almost becoming an architectural focal point itself with the natural wood shelves.










  1. I absolutely love this house. It is beautiful! I’m not sure I could live so close to my neighbors, however.

  2. This is not the best example of the Japanese “small” houses. Interesting concept with a couple of features more for looks than practical and uncharacteristically sloppy for a Japanese house: 1) Note the empty shelves in the atrium. A library ladder would solve that but I’m surprised no-one thought about it during design development. 2) the wooden floor grate in the dining space is downright dangerous. I think they already broke one of the slats (note the gap). They ought to invest in some “sled-base” chairs or some structural glass before someone tumbles into the lower level.

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