My Window Saga

So it has been a long time since I’ve updated you all on my tiny house because of what I am dubbing “The Great Window Saga”.  It all started last spring when I made the decision to widen the door from my existing plans.   The door of the Fencl is only 22 inches wide and after I framed it, I realized that I couldn’t walk straight through my door, because – after measuring – my shoulders are 27 inches across.  So doing that math I knew it didn’t add up.  So I re-engineered the whole front wall.


I had designed this to widen the door, but I was still able to use the three windows my plans recommends in the front bay.  Everything was good and I wouldn’t have changed a thing about that.  Fast forward to installing the windows.  The plans recommended to have 3 window sashes that you can integrate together by making your own window frame.  So I thought about it a long time and came up with the best way to do this.  I then fabricated all the wooden pieces I’d need to make the frame and got assembling.  photo

I decided at that point that I wanted to have my windows at this point be able to open, because I wanted the air circulation and its also the area that I’m going to be looking out the most as it is my desk space.

sdfsd What I ended up with was a double casement window that matched the rest of the windows.  This window opens up really wide so I can let a ton of air in if I want and it also looks really nice because it will be the window I look out most as it is where my desk will be.  So I bit the bullet, ordered it and waited.

downloadHere’s where the real saga began.  Since it was a custom ordered window, it took 4 weeks to get in.  The window finally came in – yeah! – then I realized something…. They had made the window the wrong size!  So we reordered it.  A month later the window came in – yeah! –   and at the store I asked to inspect it before I signed for it.   We’ll I’m glad I did because they sent the window with the wrong grill pattern!  So we reordered it, waited a month, the next new window came in – yeah! – oh wait… what’s that a crack?  Is that corner bashed in?  yup!  So we reordered it again!!!!  Wait a month!

Now at this point what I decided to do was because the issue was with the casement, not the actual frame, they told me I could install it and they would come out and replace just the casement/sash part when it gets in.  So that’s where I am now.

All in all this one window has held me up 4 months!  Which meant I had to extend my rent 4 times!!!  All of which culminated into the worlds most expensive tiny house window and killed my timeline.  Since I didn’t have the window in, I couldn’t finish the siding, which meant that I couldn’t really start doing interior finish work.   Now I am finally back at work on the tiny house after this saga.

I’ll post more photos when I get a chance.

  1. Has a little frustration set in yet?

  2. Feel your pain, except my saga is with the roof. Peace

    • I’ve had my trials with the roof too, mainly because of the skylight.

  3. Why not finish 3 sides of the house,windows,siding ,etc. Complete the inferior and finish the window saga? Instead of being on hold for several months.
    Never have understood that silly 22 inch door on the tumbleweed houses,a standard door still looks right in proportion and converting to security hinges and swinging outwards increases usable space within the Tiny House.

  4. Consider just using a fixed panel window you could frame in yourself? Insulated glass panel would have cost maybe $150 and could have been done 6 times by now. I understand getting what you want, and that makes sense, until it stops making sense….

    • Just in principal I’m not to accept a broken brand new window with the price tag on this thing. To spend $150 more dollars after paying for the brand new window is crazy. These windows are pretty complex, they open and need to seal well. they are tempered and also need to match the same color as the frame, which isn’t a normal color. No way other that to wait.

  5. I saw some great windows I’d be tempted by, they open as casements or tilt and there’s a version that works as a door.

  6. Easy to question other people’s decisions – but why such complex windows?

    I live in a climate that goes from -10C to +35C and get by with recycled, single pane windows. I designed the house to work for the 3 windows, they all open.

    Yes, there is condensation on cold days but its easy to wipe.
    Yes, triple pane, low E, sealed tight windows would be more “efficient” but with 129 sq ft to heat and cool it really doesn’t matter.
    Yes, there could be more windows, better windows, more expensive windows.

    But at some point perfection becomes the enemy of getting it done.

    I hope your windows work out well for you. In the end the delay won’t matter much.

  7. I have to give it to Ryan, I get a bee up my butt about something and there is precious little I do about changing it. Just because we are scaling down doesn’t mean we have to give up the quality of something we really want. One person’s desires is another’s foolishness but one who desires will be frustrated for a long time that he didn’t do what he wanted in the first place. If it was me, every time I went by a substituted I would be ticked. Possibly thinking of substitutes pre construction and putting that in your mind would be a good idea, similar to a plan B maybe. Then again, what the hell do I know?

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