My Apartment In Split

So I’ve officially landed in Split, Croatia and will be here for the next month, then I figure I’ll make my way north to Zagrab, maybe even take a day to go to Hungry.   So far my trip has been a interesting in some good ways and in some not so good ways.  First thing I did when I walked off the plane was land in my apartment, take a shower, and sleep.  I shot a video of my new place below.  It’s a small efficiency apartment in the old town of Split, which is an area that dated back to about 300 AD.  So even being in the nicest part of the town, my rent is only $800 for a furnished apartment on a month to month via airbnb.  You can check it out and get a free $25 credit when you sign up for AirBNB by using this link.  To find this apartment directly, you can click this link here


In many ways this is much like a tiny house.  It is about 350 square feet, it has a small kitchenette, a bathroom and separate bedroom.  There is a minisplit heater/AC unit like I have in my tiny house and I only have a mini fridge.  The bathroom is a bit interesting, there isn’t a shower, just a stall with and hand shower sprayer and its about 3 feet off the ground, but it works fine for me.  I have this interesting stone wall in the background of the video you can see, its a neat feature.  The couch is actually a futon, so it can open up to have someone sleep there if need be.

I’ve been trying my best to learn Croatia, but its a little hard, because it has some word sounds we don’t use in English.  For example, to say thank you, you say “hvala”  that “hv” noise is hard for me to pick up.  I’m going to try finding a class to learn a bit more.

To make things more interesting, as I was flying over here I had a major allergic reaction to some poison ivy I got while installing my water line to my tiny house the other day.  Mid flight my hands and feet swelled up so bad they felt like they were really badly sunburned because of how stretched the skin became.   I knew it wasn’t anything life threatening, but uncomfortable indeed.  So the first day here I woke up and found a hospital.

I got passed around some and finally was seen by the right person that knew some English to boot, which was nice.  Long story short, some antibiotics, some corticosteroid shots later I was good to go.  The nice part is health care here is pretty modern and very cheap, for my two visits to the ER, 2 shots, antibiotics and 4 cab rides in all cost me a whooping…. wait for it…. $100 USD!  At that price I didn’t even worry about my insurance to file a claim.   As I write this to you my limbs have now returned back to a normal state.

Some photos so far:







  1. What a beautiful place. I’d love to visit some day

  2. Lovely! Split is a real jewel. Your tiny flat isn’t anything new for Europe; people make do with so much less living space and go out into the streets, the squares and the cafés to live too. Re pronouncing the “hv” sound, try making the “f” sound but blowing into it at the same time…a workable approximation! Sretan put!

  3. Hungary. They resent Hungry!

  4. why croatia ?

  5. From what a co-worker told me once that corner of the world is like Miami. …”you have 146 different nationalities and the only thing they have in common is they hate each other”.

    But it is so true how we tend to measure our life by the quanity of stuff we have and they measure theirs by the quality of time spent.

    My latest battle is with the county building and zoning department. ..local agents of the nanny state…who insist I need a minimum of 750 sq. ft. as a house size. It is looking more and more like I will have to build my house on wheels after all.

    • Is there an older community near you? I live in an older area of Saint Pete, FL and there are houses here as small as about 530 sq ft. There aren’t a lot of them but they are out there and they usually cost a minimal amount [though if they’ve been modernized inside, the price climbs exponentially.]

      I’ve found three that could have been workable BUT:
      1 got sold before I could even get inside. The 2nd is swathed in shade and I will be moving my solar panels with me. I couldn’t even cut down the trees had I wanted to. Some are on other properties and 2 were live-oaks that look to be over 200 years old. I couldn’t, in good conscience, cut those down. And then the 3rd has a hole in the shower floor that makes it look unsafe. Once I buy, I’m going to need some time for the dust to settle in re my finances so I won’t be in a position to revamp the bathroom during the first week in residence. 🙁

      Still, tiny [or quite small, anyway] houses ARE out there. Keep plugging! Go old.

      • Hey there Two Crows,

        I too considered purchasing an older, small house and fixing it up.

        However, all I’ve seen were in terrible areas….filled with neighbors that would refuse to fix their properties, burglaries, and free-lance vagabonds that feel it is their right to urinate in your front yard.

        I did look into buying one of these 1930’s era structures and moving it, but, the city is crissed-crossed with low-hanging power/phone lines and then the transportation cost of moving it 25 miles is prohibitive.

        My only concern with the Tiny House here is that it is TOO tiny. With my adult daughters, granddaughter, and outta town friends dropping by for a winter’s stay, I would be hard pressed for space. Am thinking that your “530 sq. ft” is about right.

        It’s been ages since I’ve been to St. Pete/Clearwater. The area is charming…but lacks the elbow room I have here in Brevard Counry. But alas, what works for me doesn’t for others.

        Keep me up on how your search goes.

    • Silly question here. So, I am purchasing a lot next door to a 1600 sq. ft. home I currently live in. The county requires a home of at least 700 sq. ft. I could just put a tiny house on wheels on that lot, hook up to utilities if I decide to, and they will be okay with that??? Thank you!

      • Natalie,

        While perhaps you can just park a tiny house on wheels in the lot next to you home and even run power from the 1600 s.f. next door, you will of course need to check with your local zoning Czar.

        Even with his blessing, I would be curious about your endgame here. It sounds like your plan is to use the tiny house as an extension of your residence, as it will be dependent on the main house for utilities. And that is fine. But if you sell the main house with the intent of moving in to the TH, is the nanny state going to tell you that’s a no-no?

        You may wish to run this by a local engineer and zoning specialist attorney. If you split up the properties in the future you could be running afoul of the law, even on your own land, and thus create more trouble than its worth.

        Even talking to an attorney can be hazardous to your health and wealth if he misinterprets the country’s guidelines….something I have had personal experience with….your mileage may vary.

      • Hi, generally no. But it depends on the restrictions and minimums your particular site area has. And a tiny house is not 700 sq ft, they are generally under 350 to 400. I am putting a small 500 sq ft house on a city lot. and it has to be on a perm foundation. It also has to be a min of 20×20, and meet all the city codes here. Hope this helps you.

  6. Such a beautiful place and apartment!!! I love love love what appears to be an old sewing machine cabinet as a tv stand!! and the stone wall!!! Fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us!

  7. Beutifull!!!!
    I have the old sewing machine and it work perfectly!!
    Nice to see some place, THANKS A LOT!

  8. Perfectly adorable. I could live in that apartment just dandy! A little wallpaper and I’d be good to go.

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