Modern Mobile Metal-Clad Trailer Home

This Tiny House is a Interesting Modern twist on a Mobile Trailer Home.  With metal clad sides of Steel, Zinc and Titanium, seems a bit overkill.  The ends are covered with some rich woods and the whole thing is mobile. This house is under 400 feet.

The story is much the same on the inside: synthetic stone-toned tiles and natural wooden flooring, walls and ceiling slats make it feel like a clean, compact and modern cabin. Minimalist fixtures and the copious use of room-warming wood are reminiscent of North European architecture built for cold climates – saunas and sweat lodges normally constructed to heat you up but not for nomadic living.


  1. This is gorgeous. The uniformity of that very pale color throughout the building really seems to open the place up. As always it would’ve been nice to have a floor plan but what are you gonna do, right?

    There seem to be two sinks in the bathroom which seems like overkill. Other than that, wow.

  2. This is beautiful! The picture of the house sitting in the woods makes me want to move in now!

    “This house is under 400 feet.” What are the dimensions? 10′ X 40′ or so? It looks HUGE.

  3. It seems one of their goals may have been utmost privacy since it doesnt look like there are any windows on the walls. This design decision could also allow better configuration with furniture not having to worry about window placement.

    Overall I think its great design. I’d like to see a less cold design with splashes of color.

    I agree, a floor plan would be great 😉

  4. I just don’t care for sky lights & the no windows either. USA has too many hot areas that they are a bitch for keeping a house cool/warm. Plus can’t see much if sitting down(there) or at all normally. Hate bathroom with no natural lighting/venting too. Have to turn a light with every use, a fan every shower.

  5. More info including a floor plan can be found at: .

  6. aesthetics superb; probably too ‘european’ for american market. what program would require an extravagant bathroom the size of a mcmansion but provide almost no closet/storage. the low gable shape sets it apart from other prefabs and could make it very stable if constructed with a steel frame. the roof window concept is reminiscent of many italian attic loft apartments, they would require careful orientation or additional shading.

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