Mobile Box

With our industrial age ended and the market slumping so bad, we again find ourselves with a good bit of surplus of commercial space.  This space is characterized by larger open space, exposed rafters, concrete floors and cheap for its size.  So with this growing surplus as companies shutting their doors.   This is a cube that is designed to be deployed into a space such as this.  With a full bath, kitchen and large closet it has all you need.  Now the designer states that multiple of these can be deployed in one space.  So I what I do wonder is about the privacy with several of these.


  1. what about plumbing in large industrial spaces – usually not set up for lots of bathrooms/kitchens.

  2. Cool Idea. How would the plumbing work?

  3. I think this could be a useful concept in emergency housing, but refinements look needed.

    I wonder if the designer considered having some kind of fold away curtain to surround the bed. As it is, it doesn’t give a sense of security/ privacy.

    I was also struck by the tiny size of the wheels. They look adequate for moving around this prototype, but seem likely to jam on any adverse surface.

    Still, a very fun concept to contemplate.

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