Lunch Bots

Recently there has been allot of hype when it comes to plastics and chemical leeching.  One prime example is Nalgene water bottles and how they used to contain BPA’s.  These days you hear about how fill in the blank causes cancer, by the end we find that the majority of things we use will be the death of us.


I have always loved how in the olden days they used to package everything in great little metal tins, they were so durable, reusable and most often recyclable by today’s standards.  This might just be me, I have come to realize I have this odd addiction to containers, but that’s for another day.

Lunch Bots are basically Tupperware but made from 100% stainless steel, they are washable, recyclable, durable and look awesome!  While they can’t handle liquids like soup, they are good for just about everything else.  Combined these with a reusable lunch bag and your golden.  Buy them for around $15 each or a set of all 4 for $50 here

  1. Is there any evidence that plastic containers leached harmful chemicals to solid foods during short-term storage? Wouldn't a plastic container that you already own be more eco-friendly than buying a new steel box? If you can't place the "Lunch Bot" in a microwave or conventional oven to heat the food, wouldn't you be just as safe using a plastic container where you're not reheating the food? And, you'd be saving $15.

    • When ever you heat food in plastics it releases carcinogens, which gets into the food, which you eat and there fore has a direct ticket to your body

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